How we work

How to start repair? How much does the repair cost? Do I need an interior designer?

These are the questions that arise among people who are going to decorate their private or commercial property.

If you intend to actualize “wonderful picture” without designers, you should remember that inexpert planning or its absence cause waste of time and money not to mention the predictability and quality of the final result.

In order not to face above-mentioned challenges, it is necessary to have the design project before the start of decoration.

Construction team is much easier and convenient to work with ready design project.

Design project makes the calculations process for decoration easier and saves you nerve and time.


During our first meeting at the office we give you more details about our work concept, show you our fulfilled projects and discuss the requirements. If necessary, we help you to come to know the particulars of interior styles and make the right decision. Together with you we determine the individual requirements for space, room(s)’ functionality and your wishes. It would be perfect if you can give us the initial premise’s plan provided by the buildier-company.

The design project is created by the help of the communication between designers and the clients, therefore one of the most important results is to understand if it is comfortable for you to work with us and vice versa.

Important thing is to fix real project budget beforehand.


As soon as you decide that we are the designers you need and are ready to entrust us with your future interior we make an agreement with you.After signing the contract it is necessary to make a prepayment of 30% from the total design project cost.


The meeting takes place after signing the contract. We take detailed measurements of your premises, record starting points (of communication) and take photos. Using measurements and taking into account peculiarities of the premise we develop space planning and furniture layouts.


On basis of the premise’s measurements and your wishes we provide you with several planning options. We grant you a concept collage which helps us to understand if we are on the right way.


When the general concept and space planning are approved, we proceed with the design itself, color score, finishes, furniture, lighting and etc. On this stage you should make another prepayment of 40% from the total design project cost.


Once finishes and furniture are approved, we make 3D-Visuals of the main premises.


After 3D-Visuals are confirmed, we will need several days to prepare final pack of working drawings so the construction team can start realize the project according to the visuals.

We get the balance of the payment in accordance with the contact (30% balance from the total design project cost).