Development process

Furniture design is an integral part of interior design.

Furniture might be core element of design and set the general style of the premise.

Furniture allocation can influence the whole apartment planning, walls arrangements, niche placing for built-in furniture, space zoning, door way, lighting and plumbing lay-out.

We have been dealing with furniture production for 2 years and often face the situation when on the final decoration stages the clients turn to furniture-makers and just start thinking about furniture.

As a result because of some reasons it is impossible to get desired. For example, you do not have enough place for the necessary kitchen equipment or there is a lack of working surface of the kitchen, or you get too narrow corridor in the hallway (if you put a wardrobe of the needed depth), or lighting is directed to the wardrobe ceiling and etc. – all these things might be caused by incorrect/ untimely furniture planning.

Despite the fact that there is always way out it would be better to avoid such situations and think through beforehand.

Competent cabinet furniture planning is a vital stage in decoration. It is better to think over the furniture placing in the premise, its function, size of storage areas before the beginning of the decoration works.

Customized cabinet furniture contributes to use the space at most efficiently, produce built-in furniture, consider all your needs and wants as to view and filling and create your individual design.


During our first meeting we discuss and determine your wishes regarding furniture design, its quantity, placing, functionality with the consideration of premises’ space, current decoration state and technical aspects.

Our team guides you through modern furniture design and market price for the finished goods.

We will familiarize you with popular materials and hardware used in furniture production nowadays, as well as show you already completed projects on furniture.


When the contract is signed, we take necessary measurements at place (depending on the current decoration state – advance or more precise), fix starting points of the communication (later if needed and possible we give outlet/transfer plan) and start furniture design.


Relying on the taken measurements, your wishes and our suggestions we develop preliminary model of the future furniture using appropriate software.

We invite you to discuss/approve the overall furniture design.

After the design is confirmed, we opt for the final materials and hardware.


After the final materials and hardware are chosen, we check the production cost of the furniture with our partners.

The furniture cost can be adjusted by changing some component units with no impact on the design itself.


When the materials and hardware are approved, we prepare a detailed technical specification to manufacture the furniture.

As the work advances we do control it and solve the problems if there are any.