About us

We are TOTDESIGN, the one you need

  • Our priority is style and constructivism.
  • We aim at creating functional, ergonomic and unique
  • There are a great number of design decisions for each premise. We do the best.
  • We as designers believe that design should help, inspire and energize people.
  • In our opinion, successful design is determined by creative union between designer and client.
  • You define desirable atmosphere and we frame it based on our experience, knowledge and ideas.
  • Our team puts the heart into each project and value it. We make every effort to carry out the project.
  • High-quality technical documentation is an integral part for putting intended idea into life.
  • Provided working documentation, specifications for furniture and finishes contain all the details to make decoration easier, save your time and be within estimated budget.

Anna Dyaduk

Volodymyr Slastonov